Regional Geolocation: 3 Methods To Try

For one of my personal projects, an affiliate website called Casino Cabbie, one of the bigger challenges has been geolocating users to the regional level in order to show them casinos which operate in their state. Here are the three methods I've used so far. Method 1: ipapi.co Price: free for up to 30,000 requests […]
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How to update WordPress user with Fluent Forms

This is a question I see quite commonly on the Fluent Forms Community Facebook page, so here's a quick tutorial on how to use the Fluent Forms 'fluentform_submission_inserted' action hook to update user data. Essentially, you create a custom function which updates the user, and hook it into this action so that it triggers when […]
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How to have language-dynamic menus with Polylang

Here's a simple guide on how to avoid this issue and make your templates fully language-dynamic. As I've said before in my previous Oxygen Builder Polylang Strings tutorial, when creating multilingual sites, Polylang is my plugin of choice. The ability to use translation strings for static text in templates saves a lot of headaches when […]
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How to implement a dark mode toggle in Oxygen

Dark mode is all the rage these days. Here's some code which can go straight into a code block to give you a dark mode toggle in Oxygen Builder. HTML CSS The CSS can of course be adapted to customise the appearance of the toggle button (i.e. adding a background image), and how your dark […]
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Make your Oxygen site multilingual, using Polylang translation strings

When creating multilingual sites, Polylang is my plugin of choice. The way it handles translations of pages and the functionality it has in the free version is very impressive, and the Pro version even more so. I haven't tried competitor plugins like WPML, because Polylang has always done the job well for me. When it […]
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Use Oxygen conditions to show elements to users with ACF field checked

Written for the author of this Facebook post. Jonathan wanted to conditionally show an element using the Oxygen conditions feature, if the user's ACF field 'webinar' had a certain value checked. There were multiple values, with more potentially being added in future, so I wrote a function which took the value to be checked as […]
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