Strings Registration for Polylang


This WordPress plugin helps you to make use of the 'String Translations' feature included within the popular translations plugin, Polylang. This feature is invaluable when you have static texts on your website which need to change depending on the language being viewed.


Using this plugin is much easier, quicker, and cleaner than using the code snippet in my tutorial. Without writing a single line of code, the plugin lets you easily:

  • Register and manage 'translation strings' and their groups
  • Output translation strings via shortcode - e.g. [string string="example"]
  • Translations can contain dynamic post title, by using the %title% placeholder
  • Manage editor permissions to register and translate strings
  • Compatible with all page builders, including Oxygen Builder
  • Won't break your site if Polylang is deactivated - untranslated strings will show on frontend
  • One-off payment, unlimited usage

Demo Video

Demo Screenshots

Strings Registration for Polylang 1

  1. Add a new string
  2. Give it a memorable, unique name (usually, the string itself in your default language)
  3. If the string should be multiline, type it in full into the excerpt
  4. Give it a group, to make it easier to find within Polylang
  5. Publish the string

Strings Registration for Polylang 2

6. Once you've done all this, the strings will be available to translate in the 'Strings translations' section of Polylang. Use the filter to see only those which you've created:

Strings Registration for Polylang 3

7. You can also then use the string anywhere on your site, by using the following shortcode:

[string string="example"]

Strings Registration for Polylang 4

8. You can also use these settings to decide how much or how little the website editor is able to access:

Strings Registration for Polylang 5


  • 7-day money back policy: if you aren't happy with the plugin you can request a refund within 7 days of purchase
  • Smooth Websites is not affiliated with or endorsed by Polylang
  • Purchasing the plugin guarantees you access to all future updates
  • Support is offered on a 'best effort' basis - this means nothing is guaranteed but I will do my best to resolve any issues that arise

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