5 Things Your Web Designer Shouldn't Charge Extra For (And 5 Things They Should)

The world of web design and development is fraught with technical terminology. Which is why it isn't always clear whether you're really getting value for money from your web design company.

To help you out, here's a very quick guide to the things you shouldn't have to pay extra for (and the things you should):

1. Initial consultation

Most reputable web design companies will offer a free discovery call. During this call, a professional can help you decide what you need in regards to your website. Usually they will also provide you with a personalised quote, again free of charge.

2. Mobile responsiveness

Also known as: making your website look equally good on mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers. Put simply: all websites should be like this. But why?

The answer is simple: more than half of all web browsing is done on mobile devices - I'm even typing this article on mine right now. If you have a website, it's essential that it looks good on any devices your visitors might use.

3. SSL certificate

Also known as: getting your site to show as 'Secure' in the address bar with HTTPS. This is important because it shows your visitors that your site can be trusted, and follows current web standards. This creates a positive first impression of you and your website.

What SSL means in practice is that any data sent and received by the web page is completely secure. There's more to it than that, but any web design company worth their salt should be able to set up your SSL certificate with minimal fuss and no extra expense.

4. Contact form

Most likely, your website is intended to connect you with the people who need your service. Simple contact forms are therefore a basic requirement of all websites.

5. Reasonable pagespeed

Having a website that loads quickly (ideally in under 3 seconds) should be expected. Your website won't succeed in its aims if every visitor clicks away or closes the tab before the background image has even loaded.

5 things that will cost a little extra

  1. Advanced functionality, such as custom scripts, booking forms or eCommerce
  2. Content writing and management
  3. SEO (search engine optimisation)
  4. Post-launch changes to the website design
  5. Web hosting and maintenance

Use A Web Developer You Can Trust

At Smooth Websites, we believe in total transparency and honesty, and this is reflected in our price packages which start at £950. Get in touch via the form below for your free consultation.

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